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Colonoscopy Prep (cleansing formula)
Q: Every time I drink the cleansing formula, I get deathly sick and have stomach spasms. I would like to know if there is a better way to prepare for and screen for polyps and colon cancer.
A: Any  of the current imaging techniques of the colon   (colonoscopy/barium enema or virtual CT colonography) require a clean bowel.  This can be accomplished by adjusting the variables of the cleansing program to suit the individual patient.    In some patients who are intolerant of the laxative prep then greater emphasis can be placed upon the duration of clear liquid diet (for example 2 days instead of 1), or greater usage of cleansing "from below" such as with more enemas or Dulcolax  suppositories.  Sometimes it can be helpful to just switch to a milder laxative or reduce the dose of the laxative and take it in divided doses. In addition,   the treating physician may advise the patient undergoing the prep to discontinue taking  laxatives as soon as the rectal fluid starts to be clear. 
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